Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mahogan - Feather Wing Spey Fly

This is one of my favorite patterns to swing for Steelhead in the Salmon River, NY.  I tend to lean towards brown and purple the most, but olive and black work very good as well.  Pink is also a good color to try.

I've had success with this during the early salmon season as well as the fall and throughout winter.  I don't fish for steelhead during the srping, but I've been told by friends that this patterns works during that time frame too!!

I typically fish this fly with a 10ft polyleader in various sink rates depending on the flow.  I also use a 3ft-4ft piece of airflo sightfree fluorocarbon in 10lb or 12lb test.

I fish the fly on a down and across swing and hang on!! Tightlines!!