Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11/26/2010 First Afternoon

The morning came around the day after turkey day and boy was I still stuffed from the good eats. With lots of leftovers in the cooler, I packed up my remaining things and headed to my fathers house. I met my buddy Eric there and we all hit the road with thoughts of hard pulling, high jumping steelhead in our minds.

After a quick stop for breakfast we hopped on the PA turnpike, headed north to 81, and on to Pulaski, NY. The trip went smooth and we saw a handful of deer and a few turkeys as well.

We pulled into Whitakers around 12:30, checked in and Eric picked up his license since he hadn't been to the river since last year. To the room we went, hastily un-loaded all of our gear, then off to get a sub for lunch before we hit the river.

After getting rigged up we decided to head to 2A bridge to get into the swing of things and start a nice rhythm. I started at the tail of the Compactor with a 6.5 ips polyleader, 12lb tippet and a size 1 purple Mahogan. Eric and my Dad started up higher in the run as I stepped off the tailout and headed downstream to the old trestle.

It was nice to be out in the cold fresh air even though we all got skunked. But that's ok, tomorrow was another day and some snow was in the forecast.

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