Monday, August 15, 2011

Childers - Pryce Tannat Version

Hook: Dave McNeese Blue Heron - size 2
Tip: Small oval tinsel - silver
Tag: Pale Blue Floss
Tail: GP Topping and Indian Crow (Orange Weaver is shown)
Butt: Ostrich - black
Body: Godlen Yellow Floss, Orange and Fiery Brown Seals fur in equal sections
Ribs: Flat Silver Tinsel and twist (Silver Lace is shown)
Hackle: Badger Hackle - Lemon Yellow (Yellow grizzly hackle is shown)
Throat: GP breast feather followed by Widgeon
Wings: A pair of GP breast feathers back to back; married strands of scarlet, blue, orange, and yellow swan (turkey is shown), bustard, Florican (left out), GP tail, cinnamon Turkey, mottled grey Turkey tail
Sides: Barred summer duck strips
Cheeks: Blue Chatterer (asian kingfisher is shown)
Topping: GP Crest
Horns: Blue and Yellow Macaw

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