Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feenstra's Emulator

(Recipe for fly shown - there are other variations by the originator, Kevin Feenstra)

Hook: Dai Riki 700 size 4 - 4x long shank

Tail : Barred Marabou

Body: 1 or 2 Emu feathers wrapped forward followed by 1 Schlappen feather palmered through the Emu

Collar: 1 Mallard Flank feather (wood duck color) tied in by tip and wrapped in the opposite direction.

Flash: Copper Flashabou tied in on top of the body

Head: Nice solide clump of Australian Possum underfur and all. Push the tips over the eye of the hook so fur surrounds the shank and wrap the thread around the middle of the clump. Push the butt ends back, wrap in front of them, for the thread head and tie off.

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