Friday, June 15, 2012

Killarny and Tay, Sir Richard and .........

Here are some flies that I am trading with a friend from the west that I met through the internet.  He suggested we trade a few flies and so that's what we are doing.  I have already received his flies and I like them very much. I plan on fishing two of the them and will keep the blind eye in a special place.

There were two patterns I felt like tying and I decided to "freestyle" two others. The latter are based patterns that already exist so they aren't really true "freestyle" flies in my opinion.


  1. What hooks do you use for these. I'd really like to get into tying this style; I love the long and low profile....

  2. Sorry for the delay Eunan. The hooks shown are Dave McNeese Blue Heron hooks and and size 1 is shown. The size 1 hook gape is greater then 1/2" so it is not legal to fish in NY for salmon and steelhed. The size 2 and size 3 are legal and just as nice to tie on.