Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Swing Cray" Variation

Working on another crayfish pattern for Steelhead and I based this one on Dave Pinczkowski's "Swing Cray" pattern.  This should also be good for smallmouth bass since the original pattern works well on them.  Going to work on a few other natural color combinations with and without the egg in the rear

Shank: Partridge 25mm shank
Wire: .018 Beadalon beading wire
Hook: Raven Specialist Hook Size 4 with orange estaz
Dubbing Ball: Ice Dubbing - Pheasant Tail
Claws/Feelers: Rubber or Silicone Legs
Body: Tan Yarn
Ribbing: Medium Wire
Dubbing Ball: Ice Dubbing - Pheasant Tail
Collar: Brown or Chocolate Pheasant Rump Hackle
Carapace: Craft fur or Polarfibre - Tan or Light Brown

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